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Created on 2009-04-30 05:14:45 (#135897), last updated 2013-07-21 (217 weeks ago)

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Name:Short Fiction in the Potterverse
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Harry Potter short fiction
This is a place to post short HP-verse ficlets--longer than a drabble, shorter than a full-blown fic. Rough guideline: 400-1200 words. I don't plan to crack down on fics that are 1206 words or anything, and sketches/art that are equivalentish in scope are totally welcome (I just haven't thought of a cute name for them). Crossovers are fine, though I can't promise I will know the other source material. Reposts are fine; your fic is your own to post elsewhere when/if you like.

I'll post a monthly(ish) prompt, just for fun. No requirement that fic/art fit the prompt.


There are a handful of don't-do-its:
1. While constructive criticism is allowed, flaming is not. The mod is the arbiter of what constitutes flaming; the first time I'll delete and tell you. Three strikes, you're out, though I suppose a particularly egregious first strike might do it.

2. Don't use special fonts, formatting, or sparklies without a clear reason. "I like it better" is not a valid reason for this. Make your flist look how you want it, but don't force formatting on others. Hint: the most common way I see people creating formatted posts in communities is pasting formatted text into a rich text editor.

3. Don't post your ficlet uncut. I'll remind you if you forget, but please don't be lazy about it.

4. Don't make me make a lot of rules, ok?

Minimum headers for fics:

Rating: (using a reasonable system such as age-group or MPAA or similar)
Rough genre:
Prompt if you used it:

Warnings are required for these things: rape, under-18 sexual activity, extreme kinks. Other warnings are not required, though I would submit that deliberate non-warning for things like character death is a good way to invite drama.

You are welcome to add other heading information such as author notes, summary, other warnings, etc, though I'd rather your outside-the-cut information wasn't more than thirty or so lines. The fic itself goes behind a cut. I am happy to explain cut tags, formatting, html, how to link, etc, if you need help. I also hope everyone will want to use accessible code--the FAQs on that are still coming, but by and large this includes things like putting alt text in image tags, making your code valid, and the like.

I'll likely tidy this up eventually, but am not so much with the layouts.
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